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"What's the Future of the Music Industry?"

Um interessante artigo de um dos autores do também interessante "Freakonomics". A conferir aqui. Fica um pequeno excerto:

"(...) It strikes me as ironic that a new technology (digital music) may have accidentally forced record labels to abandon the status quo (releasing albums) and return to the past (selling singles). I sometimes think that the biggest mistake the record industry ever made was abandoning the pop single in the first place. Customers were forced to buy albums to get the one or two songs they loved; how many albums can you say that you truly love, or love even 50% of the songs — 10? 20? But now the people have spoken: they want one song at a time, digitally please, maybe even free (yikes: big can of worms, which is addressed ably below)..."

Stephen J. Dubner, in New York Times

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